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Probate Courts: Criminal racketeering sanctioned by government

• The PPJ Gazette
One of the worst pseudo courts in the US is the system of probate courts. Across the board, in absolutely every state is a so-called court system that operates for profit at the expense of any individual or family unfortunate enough to have any assets. By law, upon death of the estate holder, all assets are seized by the court for distribution. Supposedly these courts are charged with making sure all assets are distributed in the manner the decedent supposedly wanted yet it is estimated that 80% of heirs never receive their inheritance or receive only small portions of what was originally left to them as a result of the criminal racketeering that occurs in these courts. Between the probate judge who has a financial interest against the estate collecting on average 6-7% of the estate nationally,(this is aside from his annual salary paid by the state and is assessed against each and every probate case in their courts) and attorneys who will land on the estates like a swarm of vult

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