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The Presidency as a Cosmic Joke

• Becky Chandler
After getting along fine for ten years without any kind of executive officer, why did the thirteen original states think they needed a king, and not just any king? They got themselves an unprecedented king of unprecedented and dangerous power. It was a cosmic joke, that will tickle your Presidents' Day funny bone.

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Comment by Temper Bay
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We have a king - we just call him 'President'.  Although we can change him out every four years his power and observance is still the same as any 'royal' walking.  He can do whatever he likes, whether it is within the law or not, he can go where ever he wishes, hide whatever he wishes, tell whatever lies he wishes, have whom ever killed he wishes, have anyone he wishes prosecuted and persecuted, hide anything he says, does, orders with a stamp of 'classified', and he has the entire government workforce to back him up and protect him from any personal responsibility, harm, or imprisonment.