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Ron Paul confirmed speaker at American Policy Summit in Phoenix

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Ron Paul is indeed a confirmed speaker at the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit this Saturday. The Summit is being held at the Phoenix Convention center and will run from 1pm on Friday 25th and culminate with a straw poll on Sunday 27th. Our favorite Congressman from Texas is scheduled to speak on Saturday 26th. Now we all know what happened at CPAC recently when Ron Paul won the straw poll for the second time in a row.Lets keep up the momentum and show the establishment that we are tired of politics as usual and we want a voice to represent us. Campaign for Liberty has secured a limited number of admission tickets for our members for a reduced rate. We know times are tough and we want a strong presence there at the convention to support Ron Paul and show the rest of the attendees there that freedom is indeed popular. For those who cannot attend the summit in person, we have a limited number of discount tickets available so you can attend online. Virtual Policy Su

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Comment by David40
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 I don't understand it. Why would Dr Paul want to be a part of this neocon fest? Aren't these the degenerate fascist Tea Party people that stole the Tea Party concept from the Ron Paul movement? Why would he want to lend any credibility to these noecan phonies?

Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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I would like to buy a magic ticket. I am unable to get the virtual thing going... Does it also include two adult beverages?  Keith