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Attempting to destroy America's future is one thing, but the Middle East is where the rubber mee

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Before: Change, Change We Can Believe In, Yes We Can, Stand For Change, Help Me Take Back America After: "Show Me The Wood" (aka resolve, backbone, spine,etc.) Where can one begin the discussion of the anemic ineptitude of the Obama administration. Of its lack of international credibility or influence. At a time like this we could say I told you so or invoke the phrase of "buyers remorse" but what would be the point. He's the "yes we can" man with a resume as thin as a one-ply sheet of toilet paper and a questionable past who had no credentials to be president beyond an ability to grow a base never before drawn to politics, to raise money like no one else before, to corner the support of a willing MSM and who could speak well through a tele-prompter...