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Connecting the dots to anarchy

Are you connecting the dots yet? This is the elephant in the room that everyone refuses to see: We're not as secure in this country as the government and mainstream media would like us to believe. There are sporadic news reports about dire possibilities, but few people are willing to connect the dots on the individual level. And yet it's well-documented that America, too, has a mere three day supply of food in stores, thanks to just-in-time deliveries and the efficiency of modern-day transportation and manufacturing systems. America itself remains a mere nine meals from anarchy. What this means, of course, is just what it says: After three days with no food, the veneer of civilization breaks down and people will commit just about any violence necessary to secure some food for themselves and their families. Remember Katrina? Except for localized disasters, how long has it been since we've had food shortages in America? Certainly not in my lifetime. For too long, our complacent, secure nation has viewed resource troubles as someone else's problem. There is a subtle underlying ethno-superiority when it comes to addressing scarcity. It's always "those people" (in other countries) who suffer, not us. We're Americans. We're better.