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12-Digit Identity Number: Biometric New World Order Underway In India

The UID project will issue a unique 12-digit identity number, called Aadhaar, to every resident of India. It will be issued to all permanent residents irrespective of their age, gender or citizenship. However, the scope could later be extended to include persons of Indian origin and non-resident indians, if necessary. Aadhaar will have both biometric and demographic information and hence will be backed by reliable and verified identity checks, residential checks, age proofs and biometric identities that would satisfy know-your-customer (KYC) checks put in place by various financial and utility service providers. As per notifications from the ministry of communications and information technology and the ministry of finance, Aadhaar will be treated as valid proof of identity and address and accepted as an officially valid document to satisfy KYC norms for obtaining new phone connections and opening bank accounts. However, as per a recent Reserve Bank of India circular, all bank accounts opened only on the basis of Aadhaar will be treated as small accounts, i.e. accounts which have certain transaction restrictions. Individuals will not have the choice of opting for Aadhaar minus the biometric details. “