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Spam the Spammers


Have you ever thought about spamming back to spammers when you received their emails? Congratulations, you found the right place!

This anti spam page is created to fight against the deluge of spam email that is clogging the Internet and our email boxes. Become a spam-blocker today!

Spammers piss me off, probably as much as they as they piss you off - it's payback time!

United forces - You can help!

All you need to do is place this link on your site:

Anti Spam Blocker - Help Fight Spam Email!

When a spam-bot hits your website, it will find the link to this page. The spam-bot then harvest all email address found on this page. This will clog their database with the randomly generated fake email addresses.

Join the coalition and spread the word!

The Spammers Concept

Spammers collect their email addresses using spam-bots that search the Web looking for email addresses on websites. This way, they store millions of email addresses in their databases.

How does it work? This page creates randomly hundreds of fake email addresses each time it is loaded. Any time the spam-bot revisits this site it will feed the spam-bot with another 100 fake email addresses. This will clog up the spammers databases.

Already after 50 visits you dumped a 5,000 fake email addresses into the their databases.

The domain names we use are valid domain names from spammers found in your temporary email service at This list is constantly updated by our spamfilter list. 

A cool side effect by useing spam domain is that spammers spam other spammers! ;)

It is essential that these domain names are valid and active. Spammer's would detect this fake domains immediatley.