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The Police State Knows No Limits

• RealityReport.TV | http://RealityReport.TV | This week we bring big brother to the spot light. Hillary's security muffling protest and remote controlled birds are spying on us, people losing their cars to corrupt city laws. Fox admits to their "screw up" with egg on their face after Ron Paul pulls in over 700,000 dollars to his cause and another Paul gets drafted for the Senate. Libya is figures it's time for a change as they start their own anti government riots. Oathkeeper Stuwart Rhodes sits down with Sheriff Mack to discuss a possible 2012 Senate bid. Federal spending bill is doomed to failed after Obama promises to veto. Hold tight, it's the Reality Report! Join the discussion at our RTR Group: Become a Fan at our Facebook Page: Share the Reality Report on Facebook: Subscribe to our youtube channel: Support our work with a donation:

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Comment by Temper Bay
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The directors and enforcers of Police States grow in power and ruthlessness because no one will do what is necessary to stop them. 

Comment by PureTrust
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We, the humble, common (... law), freedom-loving people of America need to form our own Police State... to protect us against all the rest of the police states in the world. Do you think we can force Ernie to be our leader?

C'mon, just a joke.

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