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The New World Order: Phase 2 - Oil Chokehold on the Middle Class

"Proven oil reserves in the United States are 21 billion barrels (3.3×10^9 m3), excluding the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The U.S. Department of the Interior estimates the total volume of undiscovered, technically recoverable prospective resources in all areas of the United States, including the Federal Outer Continental Shelf, the 1002 area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the National Petroleum Reserve–Alaska, and the Bakken Formation, total 134 billion barrels (21.3×10^9 m3) of crude oil. This excludes oil shale reserves, as there is no significant commercial production of oil from oil shale in the United States." (Source) Assuming Annual consumption of 1.5 billion barrels of oil per year, the United States could exist on its own oil reserves for about 90 years without any imports at all. We are dependent on foreign oil because the Satanic Psychopaths want it that way. Oil at $60 per barrel makes recovery from oil shale more than economically feasable. We could potentially recover 2,118 billion barrels of oil from shale deposits within the United States. Enough oil to last us for 1,412 years! There is no sound economic reason for not bringing shale oil into production. We could also talk about oil recovered from tar sands (already being extracted in Canada, where we get 20% of our oil imports). So, if we have enough cheap oil to last us for well over 1400 years into the future, why are we importing at over $100 per barrel? The answer has nothing to do with economics and everything to do with the New World Order agenda. The Satanic Psychopaths want to destroy the United States Constitution and its greatest defender, the American Middle Class. They seek to bring this about through manufacturing an economic collapse, and transferring the wealth of this country into the hands of of their Illuminati owned banks and corporations.

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Comment by GrandPoobah
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I stopped reading when I checked some facts. The "PROVEN" reserves are a merely three years worth of reserves. Note that the author did not say economically recoverable, just proven to exist. By the way, this entire article is simply a quote from wikipedia: 

Except the author left out key things, like the fact that a lot of this oil is not currently economically recoverable, or the technology for economic recovery is new technology like horizontal drilling. And once a field is discovered production does not pop up over night. And then there is the matter of what environmental coasts does extraction impose on the environment. You know, minor inconveniences like the destruction of underground aquifers.

In my opinion this article was written by someone who is some combination of liar and ignorant. But read the original and other sources yourself.
Comment by Brock
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"we have enough cheap oil to last us for well over 1400 years into the future"

The future?  Really, not the past?  What about the past?  Is the past unimportant enough for oil?

"We" don't have jack.  "We" have no collective resources.

"We could potentially recover 2,118 billion barrels of oil"

"We" could also potentially fart rainbows and ride unicorns to work.  But, "we" won't do those, relegating all three scenarios to fantasy.