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New World Order Quote of the Day: Biometrics and Leveraging The Body

According to the International Biometric Group, the global biometrics market is witnessing rapid adoption with annual iris recognition revenues projected to approach $500 million by 2012. Biometric security leverages parts of the human body as security code. Such proprietary biometric data of each individual needs to be converted into digital data. The associated software that enables digitization, as well as data management for enrollment and matching needed for verification and identification, will now be secured against hacker attacks. To this end, it's critical that biometric solutions are hardened at the software code level. "Solutions such as IriTech's eye scan software products provide leading-edge and highly accurate identification technology for mission-critical applications," said Tom van Gorder, vice president of worldwide sales and channels, Arxan. "We are pleased to protect this technology and the assets it secures with our GuardIT software protection platform so that Iritech's technology can be hardened against tampering and hacking and the integrity of their software code is maintained."

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