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The United Nations Imposing SOCIAL JUSTICE on the World!

February 20, 2011 was "World Day of Social Justice". Of course, this was marked and celebrated by that factory of "Social Justice", the United Nations. The U. N., according to a article from today, is calling for a "new era" in which all the people of the world have access to basic services and "decently" paying jobs. Oh. Well. Now that the U. N. has called for this, it will happen, right? I mean, I guess all those nasty protests in Greece, Italy, England, France, and so on and so forth will just stop; because now everything is economically okay? I know I feel better, don't you? Oh, wait! Are you telling me that the U. N. declaring something doesn't make it so? (And, thank God for that!) According to the U. N., 80% of the world's population lacks what it calls "adequate social protection"...

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