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United Nations is Ineffectual Where They are Needed Most!

The United Nations has recently decided that they need to establish a Social Protection Floor for the 80% of the entire worlds’ population that are evidently suffering from abject poverty. They have decided they can do this with a minimal contribution of just 2% of all nations’ GDP. (How they can get 2% of the worlds’ GDP as contribution when they say that 80% of that world is in need of the help… well, it’s a conundrum that *I* can’t figure out). I wrote about this fully last week. Go read it if you don’t believe me! The U. N. is kind of a good old boy society, but with a bunch of different languages. They spend a great deal of time stroking each other, and bashing the United States; which is at times, an international pass time. However, when the U. N. is needed most to function as it was intended; as it was CREATED to do, they are suspiciously silent...