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Death Panels in ObamaCare? How About RATIONING Organ Transplants?

All during the debates on ObamaCare, conservatives speculated (and were subsequently ridiculed) about what we saw as an obviously apparent necessity for the move to rationed health care. ‘No, No, No’ cried those liberals who forced this bill down our throats. ‘There won’t be any rationing of health care! And there certainly won’t be any death panels, you silly, stupid rednecked conservatives and Sarah Palin’. And they said, ‘Pay no attention to what has happened in every OTHER country that has instituted socialized health care. That won’t happen HERE. Wanna know why? Because WE are going to run it. And we will run it RIGHT.’ No matter how many times a conservative tried to show with logic, facts and evidence how it was impossible to enact this massive government-run health care ‘solution’ without rationing of some kind, we were run over, insulted and pushed aside...