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Analysts: More Libyan bloodshed could prompt U.S., NATO intervention

If the U.S. military were to intervene in an increasingly chaotic Libya, it would most likely be part of a NATO action in which Libyan bloodshed has reached a humanitarian crisis, analysts said Thursday.

As reports emerged Thursday about deadly clashes between leader Moammar Gadhafi's forces and anti-government protesters in the town of Zawiya near Tunisia, analysts highlighted how Gadhafi has already pledged to fight a rebellion to martyrdom.


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Comment by Temper Bay
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Neither we or NATO need waste a single man on Libya - rather we clear the Libyan skys of deadly aircreaft then drop hundreds of thousands of small arms and ammunition to the citizens there, and let them take care of their own problems and win their own freedom. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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"... to the shores of Tripoli...."