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Serbian 'magnetic boy' stuns scientists

• Terrence Aym
A seven-year old Serbian boy not only has a magnetic personality, he attracts metal objects to him...magnetically. The good-natured boy named Bogdan has gained fame throughout the world for his amazing ability to attract a variety of objects to his body: spoons, knives, forks…and not just metal things. He also attracts porcelain plates, the family's TV remote and—at one point in a video demonstrating Bogdan's unbelievable ability—the interviewing reporter's microphone. The family seems to take it all in stride and claims their son has attracted objects to him like a magnet even when he was an infant. During the mind-boggling demonstration, to prove to the reporters that Bogdan just didn't have some kind of sticky skin, a heavy skillet was placed against his bare chest. The skillet stuck fast against him.