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Self Test/Track Sodium Fluoride - An Example

Recently I wrote about a way to perform a simple self test that sodium fluoride may be in your public water. Based upon reaction and blog engine stats this was something of great interest to many of you out there. Touched a nerve so to speak. One commenter to the expression was kind enough to point out that posting an example of the test would be helpful. Thank You. Here is that example a posting of a test result.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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This was one of the stupidest claims I have read in a long time.  His test essentially is to take a black (or dark) dish of some time, pour your water to be tested in it and let it evaporate.  How does it work?  Sodium fluoride is a white powder.  So if you see any white power residue then that is sodium fluoride.  That is only slightly true and then only if sodium fluoride is actually present.  At 1 part per million fluoride is vastly out numbered by the calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium salts present that are also white that are present.  Be sure to repeat using a known fluoride free rinking water.  Bet it's residue looks the same.

I don't particularly think such patent nonsense is particularly helpful to the anti-fluoridation argument.