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How some Transhumans plan to rule the world

• Terrence Aym
Earth: 2100. The world is ruled by superhumans with IQs on the high side of 1,000. From their lofty towers they manage the swarming masses. Globs of lower humans controlled from birth to death…at least those that are allowed to live. The sub-humans will be molded and fashioned. Designer life for the purposes and whims of the godlike elite that mastermind the busy hive-like society. In case some get the bright idea of overthrowing or outliving the self-styled masters and their 10,000 year Reich, they can forget it. The rulers will be immortal. A classic science fiction story? No, it's a vision of the future that some in the so-called Transhuman Movement seek to achieve. Of course those working to create this frightening world fully expect themselves to be amongst the ranks of the ruling overlords.