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Ex-Canadian Defense Chief claims UFOs are real

• Terrence Aym
Americans have warred against UFOs and have covered up their existence for more than half a century. Those are just two of the stunning charges made by Canada's former defense minister, Paul Hellyer. The 87-year-old Hellyer insists that UFOs are real. Is this man some kind of kook? His resume doesn't read like a person who's part of the tinfoil hat brigade. A member in good standing of the prestigious Queen's Privy Council for Canada, and a man given the credit of successfully integrating the Canadian armed forces, Hellyer's tenure as the head of Canadian defense was marked with distinctions and honors.

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Comment by Chris Branscombe
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Paul Hellyer is a hero! Amongst his many accolades he was also Deputy Prime Minister. He is the founder of the (Canadian Action Party) Who's primary goal was  to rid are Country of the 'Bankster Gangsters' and go back to using our own Bank of Canada at near 0 interest! The party has since evolved into something that in my oppinion is representative of a true democratic republic for and by the people.

 Lets not forget the late Bill Cooper who would proudly stand beside Paul Hellyer in defence of freedom and his own knowledge of U.F.O.'s!