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Paul Krugman with some Ivory Tower advice: If they bring a knife, we bring a gun (Video)

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That was actually Obama but judging from the quote below I suppose it could have been Paul Krugman as well I am a state university educated man having earned an undergraduate degree in economics and an MBA in finance in the New York SUNY system. Back then I paid about $400 a semester tuition undergrad and got my MBA for a total two-year cost of about $10,000. Today a SUNY education runs about $5,000 a semester for an in-state student. Like a New York diner it was and still is good education at a good price (for the diner substitute food for education). Compare that $5,000 a sememster number to $18,000 a semester at American University, $19,000 at Emory University and the relatively inexpensive $13,000 at Stanford (good luck getting in). What is my point? That state schools for an in-state student represented great value in the '70's and they represent great value today...