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QE3? Top Federal Reserve Officials Think More Quantitative Easing Is Necessary

The truth is that when the rest of the world completely loses faith in the U.S. dollar and in U.S. Treasuries the dominoes are going to start to fall. Eventually we are going to see a financial panic that is going to make 2008 look like a Sunday picnic. Our economic system will massively implode as all of the gigantic mountains of debt and paper money collapse like a house of cards. Right now the Federal Reserve is desperately trying to hold the system together by "papering over" all of the mistakes. But in the end it is not going to work. In fact, what we are witnessing now are the very early stages of hyperinflation. A lot of other nations in the past have thought that they could just print their way out of trouble, but many of those "experiments" ended in total disaster. Marc Faber is certainly right about one thing - all of this money printing is going to give us substantial inflation to go along with the high unemployment that we already have. This is called "stagflation" and anyone that remembers the 1970s knows that it is not a lot of fun. But the Federal Reserve seems absolutely determined to print more money. Fed officials are doing the same thing now that they did right before QE2. They are dropping hints about QE3 and they are trying to break it to us gently. Well, it is about time that someone told the American people the truth. All of this money printing is going to end in disaster and so you had better get prepared.