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Financial terrorism suspected in 2008 economic crash

• Washington Times

Evidence outlined in a Pentagon contractor report suggests that financial subversion carried out by unknown parties, such as terrorists or hostile nations, contributed to the 2008 economic crash by covertly using vulnerabilities in the U.S. financial system.

The unclassified 2009 report “Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses” by financial analyst Kevin D. Freeman, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times, states that “a three-phased attack was planned and is in the process against the United States economy.”


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Comment by Tom Westbrook
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lol...they did it to us in plain sight and it's all documented and yet they still blame it on the usual culprits:  "Chines,  Russia, Venezuela, Iran"....oops they forgot to mention North Korea. The funny thing is, is that there are still people that believe this stuff.

Comment by Anonymous
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 This is the most effing nonsense I have ever seen.  Shame on the Washington Times.

Following this "logic", the free market itself is a terrorist because it enables people to engage in transactions not under surveillance or control of the government which may have adverse impacts to nominal economic measures in the US.

Good Lord.

Comment by Hugo Tellez
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 Hmmmm, I dont see the name JP morgan Crooks, or Goldman Sucks...

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