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Phoenix Lt. tried blocking audio interview discussing problems with police statistics

• ABC News (video)
A Phoenix police lieutenant sent ABC15 a "cease and desist" letter Monday night to try and keep our station from airing an audio interview that reveals a top police official may have known about inaccurate kidnapping statistics.

Lt. Lauri Burgett, who works with the kidnapping investigation unit, sent the letter about 5 p.m. It came just hours before the final story of a three-part ABC15 investigation uncovering major problems with the police department's 2008 kidnapping statistics.


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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Here is the link to the audio where Lt. Burgett discusses the fraudulent fabrication of the kidnapping stats to get the grant.

Cudos to Bad Phoenix Cops for scoring this one.  Listen to what the PHX PD didn't want you to hear now beofre they conduct another illegal raid to grab the evidence:

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Note: Bad Phoenix Cops had this story in Aug. 2010!