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Ron Paul Subpoenaed for Money Trial

• RealityReport.TV | http://RealityReport.TV | In the 83rd edition of the Reality Report, we have information from all over the nation. The Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit was held over the weekend in Phoenix Arizona, and we announce who their Presidential Straw Poll winner was. We also have the already-viral clip of Alex Jones dominating the conversation on ABC’s The View. Angie brings us the headlines this week including how the People feel about a potential government shutdown and new government robots being made to complete human tasks. She also tells us about The gold exports ban in Egypt, the latest on Libya, and House Speaker Boehner’s position on media regulation. She also brings us footage from Wisconsin Union Solidarity Rallies across the nation. And Rob Gray, the Executive Director of the American Open Currency Standard stops by again to let us know the latest on the economy, silver and barter. We ask what you think in this week’s viewer poll, and we have an update on