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Add Just a Bit of Water To Tiny Canisters And Power Fuel Cells on the Go


Even in places where potable drinking water is scarce, some kind of water is ofter obtainable--even if it’s the stuff that usually ends up in the latrine. SiGNa Chemistry Inc. is taking advantage of the hydrogen in that water with a new portable canister that can power a small fuel cell to juice up mobile electronics on the go. Think of it as fuel for a fuel cell; just add water.

This kind of technology isn’t entirely novel. We’ve written about magnesium-based power packs designed for the military that can generate power from saltwater (or a GI’s urine if needs be). And SiGNa itself has integrated its own sodium silicide technology into an electric-assist bike engine. But now the tech is being reduced to a canister that could fit in a pocketable fuel cell that allows users to recharge on the go.


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