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Karl Rove Sends Out Marching Orders to Republicans

Rove tells Republicans: ... dangers lurk for Republicans. If they focus only on austerity and neglect to offer a pro-growth message, their attempt to tame the budget will be of limited appeal and could prove to be their undoing. In actuality, danger would lurk for the elitists of every stripe, Republican or Democrat, if austerity was the only thing on the agenda. This, of course, is not what the elitists want. For them, government needs to be in the middle of everything. You can't just leave things to the free market. Here's Rove: Americans today want to know what steps Republicans will take to create more jobs, bigger paychecks and greater prosperity. Since the only thing government can do to "help" create jobs, bigger paychecks and greater prosperity, is to get the hell out of the way, whatever Rove wants to do here, it is not going to grow anybody's bank account except that of the insiders. And don't think for a minute that Republicans will read Rove's message here and decide that Rove is talking about getting government out of the way. Rove leaves enough clues to direct the conversation toward a hidden growing government.