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Wind power technology 'greatest scam' of 21st Century

• Terrence Aym
Blasting the darling of green technology proponents, Christopher Booker accuses wind power schemes of being the 21st Century's biggest scam. He describes the scheme as a "colossal and very dangerous act of self-deception." Maybe the pressure's been building up in Booker for a long time. It certainly has in many people that get out of bed everyday filled with a healthy dose of common sense. Eclipsing the fraud of Bernie Madoff, the lunacy of man-made global warming theory advocates like the huffing and puffing Al Gore—even surpassing the incredible idiocy of the events leading up to America's great financial meltdown—the wind power technology scam is a Rube Goldberg construct of government subsidies supporting a rickety, unreliable technology that's highly inefficient, plagued by breakdowns and high maintenance, and the bane of electric utilities. And those are some of its less damaging qualities.

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