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Richard Russell Calls Buffett Ignorant, And Says Gold Is On Its Way To $6,000

When investment "geniuses" like Warren Buffet displays his ignorance by denouncing gold, it adds little to his legacy. Warren's dad, Howard supported the gold standard). Warren Buffett's problem is that he only understands balance sheets and earnings. The value of a Picasso or a gem diamond or a bar of gold is outside Buffett's understanding. Which is sad, because Buffett's lack of understanding has kept many an American on the sidelines while gold surged higher in terms of Buffett's beloved paper currencies. Russell says gold is on its way to $6,000: This time, gold has, so far, only multiplied five times -- from 255 to 1430. If gold was to repeat its 1970 performance and multiply 24 times, it would rise to over 6,000. But there's a difference between the two gold bull markets: This time the other half of the world's population (China, India, Asia) has been added to the mix. And this time, the very viability of fiat currencies is a part of the picture.” Buffett riled up the goldbugs with various comments last week on CNBC. For instance: "If you took all the gold in the world, it would make a 67 ft cube. It would be worth about $7 trillion, about a third of the value of all the stocks in the U.S. So you can own gold, which can do nothing, or stocks. You could also have farmland. If you gave me the choice, between all the farmland in the country, stocks like ExxonMobile, or gold, I'd choose the stocks and the farmland."

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