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OMG2! Chemtrail snow tested with Metal Detector - Mt Lemmon Az 03/06/2011

• Real News Tucson
And once again OMG is correct! Wait till you see what happens when Reporter Chris Haskell goes to Mt. Lemmon Az just outside of Tucson and tests the snow with a metal detector!

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Ya, showing that there are tiny particles of metal in all the snow on Mt. Lemmon, so much so that they pick up on a metal detector, now that person surely is crazy for showing us that. U-huh, yep.

Comment by Brock
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Thank god those two loons weren't looking for their asses.  They don't have enough hands.

/yep, straight for name calling

//double rainbow was way more entertaining

Comment by PureTrust
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So after we ingest enough of it they can track us with metal detector-like equipment and fry us with HAARP.