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Libya or Bust: Hillary has donned her breastplate and horned helmet

The right thinks it sees a golden opportunity in Libya’s current civil war to get rid of the unloved Gadaffi, "liberate" Libya’s high-grade oil, and halt the wave uprisings now flaring across the Arab world. We heard this same siren song about Iraq: an evil dictator oppressing his people, seas of oil, arsenals of dangerous weapon, an enemy of Israel. President Barack Obama may be nearing a decision to attack Libya and implement no-fly zones over it. US Marine amphibious units are off Libya’s coast. Hillary Clinton has donned her breastplate and horned helmet. Leaders of the US, Britain, France, and Germany who were happy to hold hands with Gadaffi, take his money, and buy his premium oil now suddenly brand him a monster. There is enough hypocrisy over former ally Libya to float the US 6th Fleet. A US-British-French-Canadian invasion of Libya would be sugarcoated as a humanitarian mission to rescue Libyan civilians from supposedly murderous air strikes by Gadaffi’s comically inept air force, which has trouble just getting airborne.