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Tea Party Express Joins Republicans In Drive For A Stasi-Style Police State

This is amusing - Dick wants to "fight Obama socialism" by replacing it with Stasi-style fascism. He's not shy about it either - this is precisely what the Rethuglicans have argued for more than 20 years, going back to Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign. It was just dressed up a bit better under Ronnie, and therefore was a bit more palatable to the masses. But here you have Dick who lays bare on the table the actual objective: Turn America into a police state, complete with enslavement - literal enslavement via debt - of our youth. The "Drug War" is just one small part of it. The bigger part is what the Rethuglicans have been driving now for years - making college educations both necessary and at the same time driving the cost high enough that you become a literal slave to their cronies in the banks through non-dischargable debt. How badly are they screwing our youth? To the tune of nearly one quarter of a trillion dollars in just the last two years, as I documented yesterday. Note carefully folks: Dick Morris is connected to the Tea Party Express, along with Dick Armey.