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Pat Shannan's new book: "Everything They* Ever Told Me Was A Lie"

"Everything They* Ever Told Me Was A Lie"

Finally completing a work that took four years, intermittently between exposing false history for The Barnes Review and weekly investigative reporting for American Free Press, Pat Shannan has scored again! Matter of fact, the final manuscript sent was so big that we had to slice it in half and make it into two volumes. Volume Two will follow soon.

Volume I is a blockbuster, spanning the past half century and covering the unknown facts about the JFK assassination and the still-growing Apollo 11 controversy of the 1960s to the 9-11 and the Obama citizenship hoaxes of current times.

Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie explains from the outset exactly who They are (only the newest of AFP readers wouldn’t already know) and how a cooperative news media, by ignoring facts and refusing to address pertinent questions, allow outrageous lies to meld into definite, indisputable truths.

The practice isnt new. John Wilkes Booths granddaughter told us in her book seventy-five years ago how Booth escaped and why the whole truth of the Lincoln assassination episode was protected by the government insiders. What is new are the shrewd techniques of modern deception particularly one called television.

Shannan shows us how the TV is utilized not only with trick photography as with the moon walks and 9-11 tapes but also in the selling of favored candidates or programs (e.g. Obama and gun control) as well as the ignoring or even smearing of the un-anointed ones (i.e. Ron Paul and government conspiracies).

Pat wades into these murky waters of deception wielding a scepter of truth and logic that merely asks the reader to use the same. Can we really know that, over the history of fighting fires of modern construction, a skyscraper has never collapsed from its own heat even after burning for days sometimes and still readily believe that it happened three times in seven hours in New York City on September 11, 2001?

Was it the military maneuvers, coincidentally going on that day in the Atlantic, that caused NORAD to back off an offensive; or was this a mere ploy to render a convenient excuse for not reacting? Why were no fighter planes in the skies all morning, and who issued the orders to stand down?

What we do know for sure is that the many government-created myths could not have survived all these years without great support from a very cooperative news media.

"When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, 'This you may not read, this you may not see, this you are forbidden to know,' the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives." --Robert Heinlein

Nearly half a century later, the JFK assassination remains officially solved but historically unsolved, and Shannan shows us how no facts have been kept from the American people more than those in the area of government-sponsored political assassinations.

Everyone has seen the TV films of Jack Ruby committing murder in Dallas police station, but how many know that it was not the Lee Oswald born in New Orleans on 10/18/39 that Ruby shot? The second Oswald was actually a New York-born son of Russian immigrants, who had such a capture of the language that his future wife, Marina, thought him to be a Russian native the first day they met.

The two Oswalds looked almost enough-alike to have been twins and had been officially melded into one person shortly after each joined the Marines in the late 1950s. Even J. Edgar Hoover knew of someone using Lee Harvey Oswalds identity as early as June of 1960, as his signature on letters under FBI letterhead prove. Why would Hoover have even known Oswalds name three and half years before the assassination?

The truth is that the CIA is continually grooming assassins and sheep dipping potential patsies for future use. Here we see how the two Oswalds, as with those in most cases, were brought together for something but nobody had decided exactly what at the time and wouldnt for years. John F. Kennedy was not even a national figure when the Oswald ploy was undertaken, let alone the presidential thorn in the side of the establishment that he would become in the next decade.

The evidence shows beyond a reasonable doubt that James Earl Ray was framed by no less than Hoover and the FBI for the murder of Martin Luther King in 1968, and the fact that Robert F. Kennedy was never hit by a single slug from the .22 revolver wielded by Sirhan Sirhan two months later proves that the Senator was actually assassinated by someone else.

Furthermore, even the language-challenged Sirhan was the first in the courtroom to realize that he was being sold-out by defense lawyers, but the judge refused to let Sirhan fire his attorney and further threatened to gag Sirhan if he didnt remain quiet.

Then, the high-profile Grant Cooper, renowned as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in California, proceeded to stipulate to dubious facts presented by the prosecution, and, further cementing his clients conviction, failed to recognize that the gun presented to the court as the murder weapon that killed Bobby Kennedy had a different serial number than the Iver Johnson .22 revolver fired by Sirhan in Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel kitchen. The prosecution itself proved that Kennedy was killed by someone other than Sirhan, and the defense attorneys didnt even act on it.

How could Arthur Bremer have fired seven shots from a five-shot .38 revolver the day he attempted to kill Gov. George Wallace in Maryland in 1972? How could Vince Foster have shot himself twice in the mouth and left not only no blood at the scene in Washingtons Fort Marcy Park but no weapon, (initially) either? Just how astronomical are the odds that the family of the would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan in 1981 would be close friends and business associates of Vice President George Bush in 1981? The MsM didnt tell us much at all about the relationship of the Hinckleys and Bushes.

The murder of Pat Tillman portrays Shannan’s book title as well as anything. Following an attack of Red, White & Blue Fever (defined in the book text), the NFL star with movie star good looks gave up a lucrative career in professional football to join the Army and serve in Afghanistan with his younger brother, Kevin. However, after being there less than a year, Pat realized the frustrating folly of this conflict and how he had become but a poster boy for the Bush oil grab. Tillman was no meathead jock but rather quite an intellectual and a reader with a voracious appetite.

He had corresponded by letter with liberal columnist and anti-war author Noam Chomsky, sharing inside information confirming Chomskys opinions with factual, on-sight views. It was apparent that Tillman, perplexed at protecting Afghanistans poppy fields instead of freedom for America, was about to become the poster boy for the anti-war movement at the end of his tour of duty.

Then he was killed, and the propagandizing news media told us it happened under enemy fire. Then the Army released a report that Tillman died a hero, making up a baloney-filled story of his heroic actions. Immediately, his mother received a Silver Star posthumously, the second highest award for valor in the Army, and a letter from his General praising his fearlessness under fire, but it was all a lie.

Next, as truths began to surface, the Army had to create new cover stories to replace the last falling-apart cover story. The new one a few weeks later was that Tillman had been killed mistakenly by friendly fire from somewhere between 33 and 270 yards away.

Finally, the medical examiners report surfaced saying, No evidence at all of enemy fire was found at the scene. No one was hit by enemy fire nor was any government equipment struck. The doctors, whose names were redacted, said that the three bullet holes in Tillmans head were so close together that it looked as though the Army Ranger was cut down by an M-16 fired from a mere ten yards or so away.

Three years later, Gen. Wesley Clark came forward to publicly confirm that there had never been an evidence of accidental friendly fire being responsible for the death of Tillman, to agree with the Army doctors and conclude that order had come from the very top to murder the NFL star because he feared he was about to become an anti-war political icon.

In this book, Shannan tears the facade off the phony American heroes. The exposing of Abraham Lincoln as the tyrant he was, you may be able to take; but the stripping naked of still current conservative hero Ronald Reagan to show his actual liberal skin may be more than you want to know.

And all of it is done with counterfeit money, the book plainly exposes. Economists like to debate about money backed by gold and silver, and most Americans today have either forgotten or never heard of the great FED heist of the sixties; never knew that the money was not to be backed by gold and silver but rather was gold and silver, circulating as coin; and that the counterfeit paper masquerading as dollars that they spend today will continue to inflate until it evaporates into nonexistence

When Americana still had lawful money, We the People controlled the spending by the federal politicians because all the money floated up from the states through a system known as apportionment. The feds couldnt have any money without the consent of the States, and then the cost was apportioned equally throughout the States. This was kept under control by the inability of the central government to create gold and silver coin of thin air, and the laws were so strict as to provide for the death sentence for the counterfeiting of gold and silver coin. This alone illustrates how important was the protection of the money. The founders, after living through a couple of decades of hyperinflation, installed system that would never allow that to happen again. That is, until the banksters could sneak in and establish the Federal Reserve Bank 125 years later and usurp our system of lawful money.

The famous quote from John Adams in a 1787 letter to Thomas Jefferson reflects even stronger today:
All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from defects in the constitution or confederation, nor from a want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.
Nothing has changed in 223 years, except for the multiplicity in numbers of this problem in America. Its always been there, hiding in plain sight. No one seems to understand that with the ability to create counterfeit money, the federal government can accomplish anything and everything else. How much does a hit man cost? How much to buy an election? How much to purchase electronic voting machines to ensure that the election will be fixed without any payoffs? How much to frame an undesirable who might be exposing government corruption? And how much to arm ignorant officers to enforce unconstitutional statutes? The answer is nothing, when the controlling faction can create the funds from nothing.

Most AFP readers will remember the famous quote of the infamous Meyer Rothschild, who prophetically said,
"Give me the control of a nations money supply, and I will care not who makes its laws."

If there is a bottom line to Everything They* Ever Told Me was a Lie, it is the regaining control of the lawful money by the people and the re-issuing of circulating gold and silver coin to the citizenry. Nothing less will ever slow down the government graft, buyouts, payoffs, on-the-take politicians, fraudulent elections and assassinations.

Pat Shannan asserts that if we give We the People control of a nations money supply again through circulating coin with intrinsic value, we will not have to worry about the laws the politicians pass, because we will control them all once again.

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Send $25 in FED counterfeit or 2 dollars of lawful money (that's right, only two lawful dollars of pre-1965 silver coin) to:
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