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U. N. Human Rights Council Dictates to U.S. and we CAVE!

n a recent article, I talked about the United Nations’ Human Rights Council (HRC) and explained some of its’ functions. You can find this information in “United Nations is Ineffectual Where They are Needed Most“ I was pretty explicit in stating my feelings for this sham council, which includes among its’ members, China, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Libya and many other countries that we could arguably identify as maybe not so nice to their citizens. Now, last November, we participated in a 3 hour discussion, where our delegates explained our policies on human rights, and then listened to other countries offer their opinions and criticism. Of US! No where in the world is there a more civil country and government, no where are the people so concerned with the welfare of others that they are practically bankrupting themselves to take care of everyone else. These countries telling AMERICA what to do with regards to human rights is absolutely unbelievable...

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