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Paul Ryan Tops the 2012 Tea Party Presidential Poll (Publisher: Paul Ryan who?)

• Pajamas Media
A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finds that more than half (53 percent) of those who plan to vote in the Republican presidential primaries are self-described Tea Party voters. The preferences of Tea Party voters will therefore have a great influence on the selection of the Republican presidential nominee. Moreover, a New York Times poll shows that 30 to 40 percent of Tea Party voters are either independents or Democrats, and the Hill writes that a poll conducted by a Republican outfit confirms the Times’s tally. Thus, even if a candidate were to squeak out the Republican nomination without widespread Tea Party support, he or she would suffer from a two-fold disadvantage in the general election: a large number of Republicans wouldn’t be very enthusiastic about their nominee, and those independents who are Tea Party voters — or who share Tea Party sympathies — wouldn’t be, either. But despite the results of the 2010 election and the continued primacy of the three interconnecte