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14 Stories in 14 Days: Scott Bundgaard Adds A Gun And Alcohol to the Mix

It is Day 14 of The Fracas On The Freeway and I am sitting across a cafe table from the majority leader of the Arizona Senate, who is showing me his gun. It's inside a heavy plastic bag, the kind police use to secure a person's belongings. Bundgaard says the police took his Glock 36 the night of the fight, after he told them that his girlfriend had pulled the loaded weapon from the center console. Before the night was over, she was on her way to jail and he was on his way home — with his gun, still in the bag, he says. “They gave it back to me,” he said, pushing the gun toward me. “So now I'm being accused of domestic violence assault. Well, why would you give a weapon back to a guy who is now under suspicion of some kind of domestic violence assault? That's perplexing to me.” It is perplexing. Equally perplexing is the fact that there is no mention of a gun in the Phoenix police report. No mention, in fact, of several details that Bundgaard claims he told the police that night, which either means he's lying or the police gave a woefully inadequate account. The cops aren't talking, except to say that further information may be released late next week. “The investigation is still ongoing,” Sgt. Tommy Thompson said. “When it's completed I think you will see some interesting things.” While police aren't talking, Aubry Ballard's spokesman had plenty to say about Bundgaard's latest revelations. “He's a liar,” David Leibowitz said. “He's a pathological liar. If his mouth is moving, he's lying.” And so begins week three of the story too bizarre to die.