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Federal agents recorded Shaeffer Cox and other militia members plotting to murder Alaska State Troop

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(And also learn of his connection to Sarah Palin.) Reading this will make your blood run cold. Cox had originally been arrested in March 2010 for approaching a police officer and failing to disclose that he was carrying a concealed gun. When Cox did not show up for a Feb. 14 court appearance, a judge issued the arrest warrant and Cox went into hiding with his wife and child. Cox and his associates had been plotting in the days before the scheduled court hearing, according to prosecutors. The militia leader detailed his plot at a meeting on Feb. 12 that was secretly recorded by the FBI. Cox wanted militia members to respond with violence if authorities tried to arrest him on the misdemeanor warrant, the charging documents say. He allegedly told the militia members, "I know you're ready to die, but you have to be ready to kill," according to an FBI recording referred to in the criminal complaint. "At that February 12th meeting COX specifically unveiled his "241" (two for one) plan

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Comment by tittiger
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What do you expect when we have a criminal out of control, law breaking government? This is to be expected. This man did not initiate the violence the State did.

 The commenters on the other site do not get it. They worship and the church of Big Brother.

Comment by stupid Amerkin
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It is no surprise or shock about this story. This kind of violence comes from both sides. Most Americans today who still have half a brain and understand are always under threat from the so called powers that be and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The fact is that our so called justice system now called the justus system is so corrupt from the very scum of the bottom all the way to the top and anyone who is in denile  about this is obviously part of the corruption or totally brain dead. As the quote from Kennedy which is one reason he was murdered, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

Any kind of harm or violence toward anyone is WRONG period, however, “There exist a law, not written down anywhere, but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading; a law which has come to us not by theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law  which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.”   Marcus Tullius Cicero

The bottom line here is the fact that this country has morphed by design into a corporate fascist regime that continues to harm, destroy and even murder the people to continue their agenda of generating money and keeping the power to continue their crimes under the color of law disguised behind respectability. The maxim for the justus system is, I’d rather be guilty and rich instead of innocent and poor.

My opinion is that I do not agree or condone the actions or plot that Shafer has taken , but it sure doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why. As I said, any kind of violence is wrong and evil, but it comes from all sides. Clean our own house first.

"One of the common failings among honorable people
is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable
some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to
trust them" ~ Thomas Sowell


Comment by Joseph Cronin
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 It's easy to put a brick in your bookbag and slam someone in the back of their head when they've just had one of the worst days in their life . Cox's efforts to protect his family and himself from another possible Ruby Ridge is hardly bad judgement or an act of terror . What would you do if you were going to be attacked ? You would do better to learn more about this patriot before you condemn him , or the other pro-constitutional groups throughout our country . How about slamming the Tea Parties . Cox and Palin are great defenders of our republic and it's Constitution . The RINOS and DEMICRAPS hate them because they hold a hard edge agains't the corruption that's swollowing Washington and the rest of our country . You have no honest right to criticise what you obviously don't know enough about .

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Well Powell, there used to be a saying within dissident groups back in the 70's and 80's: "You can always tell who the FBI infiltrator is; he's the guy who is always trying to talk you into robbing banks and blowing things up."

Comment by Powell Gammill
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So he was arrested on a bogus charge.   The a year later w find out his "militia" had been infiltrated by the FBI . . . gee, I wonder how much of the violence had been initialized and pushed and reinforced over time by federal agents and their informers infiltrated into the group?  Of well, it is time for budget hearings in DC to begin.