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FDIC insured banks have $7.4 trillion in deposits: But FDIC DIF is insolvent

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Even though there are over 7,500 banks backed by the FDIC the large concentration of the $13 trillion in assets is centered with the top 10 banks. Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase alone each hold more than $2 trillion in assets each. Bank of America just announced it would be splitting $1 trillion in “legacy loans” into a bad bank model. This is like you splitting your household in two and putting all the bad loans you have into a bad bank and simply ignoring it when it comes to figuring out your net worth. The too big to fail banks still dominate the market. Keep in mind that all the deposits at these banks are backed by the FDIC DIF that is completely insolvent. No money is there. The system is being held up purely on faith and the Fed is trying to digitally print money to devalue the U.S. dollar so our debts can become cheaper. Of course most Americans don’t have the debt that many of these financial institutions have. In many cases if you can’t pay your debts you lose your home through foreclosure or have to file for bankruptcy. Banks can reach into the taxpayer wallet and take money while pushing the cost to later generations. This is how the current system is structured. Take money now to pay out current debts (i.e., a Ponzi scheme).