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Doug Casey: Waiting for WW III

Although there's no innate reason for a conflict between the U.S. and the Islamic world, the odds are high there will be. Boobus Americanus has been programmed for a generation to see Muslims as The Enemy. Most recent wars and terrorist activities center around places like Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, Bosnia, Sudan and Afghanistan, and people and organizations with names like Khadafi, Hamas, Black September, and Osama bin Laden. The U.S. government consistently supports Israel, which the Muslims view as an outlaw, terrorist state. Show me a single movie since "Lawrence of Arabia" in which Muslims are portrayed sympathetically. There would be lots of support for a crusade against these folks. Not surprisingly, the Muslims see their lands and culture as having been under constant attack since the Crusades of the Middle Ages. The romantic image of knights in armor battling to free the Holy Land from the infidel is reversed in their eyes. They see hordes of unwashed European barbarians having invaded their homeland on a pretext, intent on rape, pillage, murder and wholesale looting. And, being as objective as possible about it, one has to credit their view. And that was just the start of the Crusades, which continue to this day in the eyes of Muslims. Over the last two centuries, European armies have run roughshod over every Muslim country, now replaced by American armies. The "ragheads" and "kaffirs" in question don't like it any more than Americans would if the Iraqis were bombing New York every day, and had a "no fly" zone set up over the Deep South to protect a Black separatist movement in the area. We see Saddam Hussein as the devil incarnate (as do many Iraqis). But, his personal foibles aside, he's viewed as a hero by most Muslims for having fought against enormous odds from the Crusaders and remained standing. I think it's worth a look at the Muslims, and what they believe. You may be asking yourself what relevance that has to us. In a perfect world, where people minded their own business, the answer would be, very little. But that's not the world we live in.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Science has proven that there is a God/god. Here are the several things that, when combined, prove scientifically, the existence of God/god.

1. The dictionary meaning for the word "god" (not necessarily the meaning of the word "God");
2. The discoveries of how complicated the Universe is;
3. The discoveries that the Universe is efficiently organized, with physical laws that humans can manipulate a little, but cannot break;
4. That there is no pure random - everything operates by cause and effect, put into place by a Great First Cause (God) - probability is a human invention that people have created to help themselves fathom laws and mysteries of the Universe that they are too weak to understand by their pitifully inefficient methods of observation.

Since there is a God/god, who can tell if it is people directing American political movements, American big business and American sentiment against Islam, or is Allah simply not the true God/god, and the true one is working against Islam through American action?

A lot can be said about this, many different ways. But you get the basic idea, right? So what do you think? Is it American and Islamic human activity only? Or is it the God working behind the scenes?

And since there is a God/god, do people have any control whatsoever over the weapons of mass destruction that they try to use against each other?