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Criminals For Gun Control 1 Home Invasion / Criminals For Gun Control 2, Carjacker

Violent criminals advocate stronger gun laws to foster a safer work environment and limit their exposure to risk. Second posting. After nearly 250,000 views an unfounded privacy violation complaint led to the video being removed. Well, here it is again. Copyright 2007 Antiprise Records. Written and performed by Sebastian Deledda. Music by William Brainard and Sebastian Deledda.
Carjacker extols the virtues of gun control and its positive effect on workplace safety while standing over the corpse of a victim. Written, performed and edited by Sebastian Deledda. Music by UV Gowns, Project Animators and Sebastian Deledda. Copyright 2008 Antiprise Records.

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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no sorry cannot support something like that but we can suppport feed our animals and dont call the police about  a home invader who just shot and fed to the wild animals in your back yard

tell your neighbors to kindly donate dead criminals to the zoo lions and tigers have to have raw meat like your cats and dogs to eat dont call the police for a man did that in england he shot the one of the men who killed his wife and the other got away and the man called the police and he ended up in prison for killing a wild insane animal and wounded the other so what do you want to be free of murderers and the rest of the criminal world buy many  guns and stay alive and  free the life you save will be your families and yours

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