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Nikkei Flash Crash - Futures Plummet 16% As All Hell Breaks Loose In Japan

All hell is currently breaking loose following an explosion at reactor #2 and a another hydrogen explosion at reactor #4 per Kyodo, leading to a 16% drop in Nikkei futures as blind panic grips Japan. Kyodo essentially confirms there was a reactor meltdown as radiation levels at Fukushima 3 are now 400 times legal levels. And topping it all Japan's warning that all people within 30 kilometers from Fukushima should stay indoors and that the radioactive winds may reach Tokyo in as little as 8-10 hours. The BOJ has just intervened to prevent the yen from surging, as the following chart shows. Our prayers are with the people of Japan. The absolutely worst news: NHK saying radiation up to 400mSv at Reactor #3, 100mSv at Reactor #1...That's milli... not micro, or 250 times the maximum reported prior number. Alas, we believe this means the cores have melted.