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Japan Imposes "Article 15" - News and Information Suppression

Japan has banned all its government agencies, including its nuclear regulatory and protection agencies, from issuing any statements about the nuclear crisis situation in Japan, according to Yochi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan Times. Statements will only be issued from the senior level of the Japanese government. "Article 15" is an article unfamiliar to most Japanese, including most Japanese journalists. It is apparently an emergency regulatory clause that allows the senior levels of the Japanese government to stop other Japanese government agencies from communicating with the public and news media.

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Comment by Don Duncan
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The gov would risk lives rather than risk adverse publicity. Is anyone surprised? The reputations of public officials, politicians, and public works are at stake. And all that money to be made on future nuclear projects cannot compare with sick or dead citizens. In a way I see the logic: If you give up your power to gov, you deserve whatever the gov gives you. Would you respect someone who prostrated themselves before you and begged: "Please govern me"?