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Should You Donate to the Red Cross?

• The Agitator
With millions of dollars at our disposal do we really lack the ability to support basic sanitation and clean water? Do we lack the ability to stop a preventable, deadly water-borne disease right off our coast? What happened to the money?

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Comment by Ken Valentine
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 In confirmation of what you experienced, Mr. Rewrite, may I relate something my grandmothers brother told me:

"Uncle" Lloyd was in the trenches in World War I. A good distance back from the trenches, there was the Salvation Army giving the soldiers sandwiches and coffee. Not far away there was the American Red Cross . . . SELLING coffee and sandwiches.


The American Red Cross may be a "non-profit" organization, but that simply means that the organization itself doesn't make a profit, it DOESN'T mean that Red Cross executives aren't extremely highly paid . . . because they ARE!

Comment by rewrite
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I am 80 yrs old, Korean Vet. and am a Staunch Supporter of the Salvation Army, A Christian Entity.  My Reason ???    I was Flying a Search and Rescue Mission, looking for a Downed Aircraft and after flying my "Search Area",  We were to go into "Debreifing".

I stopped at a Salvation Army  "Chuck Wagon"  set up on the Flight line in the Blazing Sun ( 105 Deg.) and had some lunch "FREE",  of course we made our Modest Donation, about 10 of us.    The " ??? American Red Cross"  was set up in a hanger where we were to be Debreifed  and was SELLING sandwiches for $ 1.50 each,  and coffee for $ 1.00 per cup, No Free Refill.  They wanted to Stay Cool while they Robbed the Pilots.  To much of my  Pleasure, they weren't doing much business.   On the Other Hand, the Salvation Army was doing a Land Office Business.   GOD BLESS THEM,   They are Truly Worthwhile........