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TEPCO Unable To Pour Water Into Reactor #4's Storage Pool For Spent Fuel Rods

Update 10:45: According to Reuters, TEPCO's new plan is to dump water by helicopter, which sounds incredibly desperate. And some minor good news: All of the TEPCO power plants OTHER than the main one are fine, according to the IAEA. Update 9:36: To add insult to injury, Japan was just hit with another 6.2 earthquake, and buildings in Tokyo are said to be shaking. Update 9:14: Another horrible headline from Kyodo Wire: TEPCO unable to pour water into No. 4 reactor's storage pool for spent fuel Update 8:35: Via ForexLive, TEPCO is saying that spent fuel rods in reactor #4 are exposed to the air. That sounds horrible. Update 8:16: The radiation is too high for TEPCO workers to stay in the control room says KYODO WIRE. Update 7:47 AM: France: The nuclear crisis is now a level-6 crisis on a scale of 7. Update 7:10 3/15: According to reports, a frustrated Naoto Kan asked TEPCO execs "What the hell is going on?"