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Chartier's "Conscience": A Vision of Better Tomorrows

• Free Patriot Press
Gary Chartier has raised the bar in his new book The Conscience of An Anarchist: Why It's Time to Say Good-Bye to the State and Build a Free Society. Chartier begins by asking the (non-anarchist) reader to “open your mind to anarchy” writing, “As an idea, anarchism is the conviction that people can and should interact on the basis of peaceful voluntary cooperation... without the state.” Chartier's introduction continues as he explains why he's an anarchist, with each reason listed he gives a brief synopsis of the chapter dealing with the listed reason(s). Chartier writes (and most – if not all – anarchs agree) there is: no natural right to rule, the state lacks legitimacy, the state is unnecessary, the state tips the scales in favor of privileged elites and against ordinary people, the state tends to be destructive, the state restricts personal freedom, and a stateless society would provide opportunities for people to explore diverse ways of living fulfilled, flourishing lives. Ch