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Geologist: Alarming magnetic field changes signal major quake for West Coast

• Terrence Aym
A former United States Geological Survey scientist says a major quake on the West Coast is imminent. Jim Berkland predicts earthquakes…accurately. Never heard of him? Perhaps you should—especially if you live on or near the West Coast of the United States, or know someone that does. Anyone with an average 80 percent success rate predicting earthquakes should command attention, and lately Berkland has been in the limelight of the national media.

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Comment by Joseph Cronin
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 Of course the Phoenix isin't telling you that they are sponsored by the NWO and their pimps , like Soros , or satan .  they enemy of your freedom .  REmember   nothing is free .

Comment by GrandPoobah
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Our favorite chicken little rides again. I have $50.00 says that while there may be an earth quake on the west coast, (depending on how one defines the term, they occur almost every day) there will not be one strong enough to cause any fatalities, or structural damage to bridges or buildings. Any takers? I will take up to three such bets. Just post here. 

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