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Our 'Defense” Industry: The Great Untouchable….

• Eric Peters

The (not “our”) government says it is broke; that it must cut back on essential services to citizens, including police and fire protection – and raise taxes. It is threatening/hinting that it will require average people to “sacrifice” in the form of decreased Social Security benefits (or higher retirement ages) and even that private pensions and 401ks will be subsumed into some form of “government annuity” – meaning, they take your property and in return you get a “chit” that entitles you (for as long as the government wishes to allow you to be entitled) to a fixed dole payment at some indeterminate point in the future…

Meanwhile, there is apparently plenty of money available to rebuild mosques in Egypt, to finance the Israeli military, to prop up our puppets in various countries… and of course, to fund a massive “defense” industry that consumes more resources than the entire GDPs of many Western European countries and is by itself – and by far – the single greatest consumer of U.S. GDP….