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President O'Bama? Irish-American relatives ID'd

• AP
 President Barack Obama found out years ago he had an Irish ancestor who fled the potato famine in Ireland in 1850. He can now claim 28 living relatives who also descended from that Irishman, including a Vietnam veteran, a school nurse and a displeased Arizona Republican.

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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since he is related to the vatican whore queer pope and he is a jesuit along with his cousin clinton gore chenet bush and attila the hun , vlad tepish and many more 

the irish famine is not the truth but a irish holocaust during the reign of william the second of orange and bloody  mary  the second steward queen of scotland they were catholic under the orders of the  pope at that period of time he hated the reformation and sent orcders to kill all who would not submit of become a catholic my family was amongst that bunch they were forced out of scotland to ulster ireland then to america via the coffin ships run by the moslems in the slave trade

so there was never a irish famine but a forced starvation of people to submit to the authority of the crown and catholicism or die from it there is a place called the irish holocaust founded by  a catholic priest who found out the truth obama you are nothing in my family along with john mccain the traitor a demorat

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