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Diversity or Safety? Justice Dept. Orders Lower Standards for Police Exam

• Pajamas Media
But perhaps the worst consequence of Mr. Holder’s dumbing-down of the process is that the mere lowering of test scores sends a very powerful message: the financial resources of the federal government will be used to ensure that a quota of favored candidates — numbers and races to be determined solely by the DOJ — will not only be hired, but will be put on the street in blue suits with badges and guns and the power to use them. Which agency will fail to understand that people who would not normally pass any of the checks and tests that follow placement on an eligibility list will pass those checks and tests, particularly if they are members of DOJ-favored candidate groups? Which agency will fail to understand that members of one particular group — white males — not only may be but must be eliminated in favor of those unquestionably less qualified and capable? Surely Mr. Holder understands this as well? Why then would Mr. Holder want to place unqualified, dangerous people of any gende