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The biggest bubble on the planet


Given that the entire planet is fixated on a nuclear disaster in the world’s 3rd largest economy, or the goings-on in Muslim nations yearning to breathe free, it seems logical that Miniplenty’s latest newspeak releases went largely unnoticed.

According to Miniplenty, the all item inflation index for consumers rose at a 0.5% monthly rate in February 2011, and a 2.1% annual rate. Seasonally adjusted ‘food at home’, essentially the measure of grocery prices, registered a 0.2% monthly increase and a 1.6% annual increase.

When you peel back these numbers and dive into the details, though, the story gets more interesting. You see, in a single month, the index for fruits and vegetables rose 2.2%, fresh vegetables rose 6.7%, the meat index rose nearly 2%, and the dairy index rose 0.6%.

Coincidentally, the US Department of Agriculture recommends multiple servings daily of fruits and vegetables, and daily servings of poultry, dairy, etc. How is it possible that the staple foods which make up this pyramid rose 0.6% to 6.7% in a single month, yet Miniplenty’s index only rose 0.2%?