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NWO War On Libya Uses Key Illuminati Word 'Dawn'

As revealed and underscored by Illuminati Symbols master, Jordan Maxwell, the word DAWN is once again right in the world's face. From Obama's mind control use of the 'New Dawn' term to the 'Odyssey Dawn' for the elite's war on Libya, and many other examples in between, the Globalists don't bother hiding themselves or their agenda. Here are two examples of Jordan's recent work on the subject... Jordan Maxwell - Illuminati Eye/Sunrise Right In Your Face Below via a Google Earth picture, you will see... 1. Two opposing triangle symbolic of the Star of David and Saturn 2. A totally blatant US Dollar Pyramid - with the EYE and all - right smack between them. 3. Another 'eye' right in the boulevard in front of the two towers. Symbols, symbols everywhere, and so few ever figure it out. Don't worry, be happy! Everything is under control...

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