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Fukushima: Now Smoke Is Billowing From MOX Reactor 3 Again

The general sense throughout Sunday has been that the corner is being turned. And that's still the sense, somewhat. However, the latest headlines from Kyodo are less encouraging. Smoke is "billowing" from reactor #3, and some workers have at least been (temporarily) been evacuated. However there other headlines about pumps working at the plant, which is obviously quite good news. -------- SUNDAY: 9:36 ET March 20: A series of hopeful news announced by the Nuclear Industrial & Safety Agency (via VOA's Steve Herman). Reactors 5 & 6 reached cold shutdown today. Pressure is under control at reactor 3, and there is no need for more radioactive venting at the moment. They are attaching a power line to reactor 4, and the fuel rods are being cooled by external water spray. Seawater is being pumped into reactors 1 and 2. Deputy chief cabinet secretary Tetsuro Fukuyama said reactors 1-4 are "showing signs of improvement." He also said he would feed his kids spinach and water from the area -- and that they don't drink milk anyway, according to VOA.

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I think that you were reading the guardian and didn't notice that, for some reason, the 17th of March pops up on multiple links form the front page as if some parts of the front page are linking to stories from a couple of days ago 

i don' t think there is a new fire at the reactor

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